Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Management Platform. 

For manufacturers, for distributors, for heart foundations and national registries.

Our Services

Service & Maintenance Scheduling

Connect your schedules to our notifications and never miss servicing or maintenance. More Info

Data Validation

Ensures consistency and accuracy by validating incoming device data. More Info

Access ECG data from your AED device
Service Tickets
Access and manage all service requests from your partners
IoT Communication Module
Track device location, add notes, or enter maintenance data from your phone
Full API
Connect devices, analyse data, and create reports using our API 

AED and Health & Safety Device Surveillance, 24/7 
CardiLink ensures active AED operability, no matter when or where. If a device is inadequate or malfunctioning anywhere on earth, we’ll know – and so will first responders and manufacturers. Our notifications apprise AED manufacturers and administrators immediately when their devices require servicing so that the devices are always ready for use, enabling customers to plan maintenance schedules based on the specific features and requirements of their device. 

IoT Communication Module  
By connecting your AED device to our IoT CardiLink communication module and accessing your information via the CardiCloud dashboard, you can permanently track the geo-location of the fleet of your devices and supplement records with your own data from the comfort of your phone or desktop.

Notifications & Service Tickets  
The CardiCloud dashboard doubles as a Notification Centre which not only issues immediate AED updates via most commonly employed modes of communication, but also issues service tickets that enables clients to manage all partner service requests seamlessly, effectively allowing for the management of both customers and devices within a single application. This also makes services such as RMA far more manageable.   

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