Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Management Platform. 

For manufacturers, for distributors, for heart foundations and national registries.

Product Description

In so doing, the CardiLink solution ensures AEDs always function and identifies and records malfunctions and other challenges encountered by any given AED model, making the data immediately available to manufacturers and service providers. 

AED Accessibility and Location Information

In CardiLink, we advocate for making AEDs publicly accessible. 

Improve the accuracy of your AED's placement by utilizing your phone's geolocation capabilities.

Sudden cardiac arrest does not follow a schedule, so having life-saving defibrillators available 24/7 is crucial.

If your AED is only accessible during specific hours or on certain days, please let us know via the app. 

This information can make a significant difference 

Add Images to help indicate the location of your AED

Battery life information 

Geographical location of the unit, including any deviation from its designated location

Additional service information
(see below) 

The AED manufacturer is thereby afforded the opportunity to schedule service plans and monitor the execution of service levels accordingly.

How It Works: Technical Overview

CardiLink’s proprietary technology is comprised of a communication module and a web-accessible dashboard which provides a bird’s eye view of all a manufacturer’s AEDs, giving the manufacturer the ability to monitor the service level and readiness of all deployed units at any given time. This singular, unified oversight can also be accessed via the CardiLink apps for IOS and Android smartphones. 

In addition, should any AED irregularities be detected, the CardiCloud acts as a Notification Centre which dispatches immediate updates via e-mail, SMS, in-app notifications, or Telegram chat, and also issues Service and RMA tickets. The Cloud also acts as a Maintenance Centre, issuing IoT-mandatory configuration updates, firmware updates, and ECG data visualisation. 

The software can be adapted to the manufacturer’s needs and requirements regarding both device data as well as design and branding. The software is developed and operated in the European Union and is compliant with EU data protection directives.